Yoga in Schools

Yoga has become a highly popular past time and health kick for numerous people.  Whether people are just wanting to get fit, release stress or have some ‘me time’, most agree that yoga is a great way of doing it.

Yoga’s focus on the self, breathing and the present is hugely beneficial in numerous ways. Not only does it help alleviate worries of everyday life but it can also provide a sense of calm and wellbeing.

Children, from a young age, are surrounded by increasingly taxing curriculums at school, exam pressure and sometimes, stressful home circumstances.  Yoga provides a fun but calming environment for children to pause, take breath and focus on themselves.

Floga provides specially modified, child friendly yoga classes for children of all ages.  Floga wants to generate a space which is beneficial to both the student and the school. A place of tranquility which will hopefully continue into the classroom and playground.

Workshops we offer are found below.

Yoga Workshops for Children

This focusses on asana practice, encouraging the children to engage with and become aware of their bodies and breathing.  By introducing them to the postures through story and games, we aim to engage them in a fun and releasing practice.

Yoga Workshops for Teenagers

As a teenager, hormones, growth, anxiety and emotions begin to come to the fore.  By using asana practice and breathing exercises correctly it can help to steady and calm all of these things.  Floga’s yoga workshops for teenagers creates an environment which is free from judgement and allows positive relationships to develop with both the students and the individual.

Yoga and Philosophy Workshops

Philosophy is becoming ever more prominent and encouraged within the school environment and rightly so.  Yoga is inextricably linked with philosophy and these workshops generate discussion of the self, society and emotions and then put these thoughts into practice through movement and meditation.

Meditation Workshops

Meditation can come across as a boring past time for children and adults but if delivered in the correct manner it can have incredibly positive outcomes.  Using visualisation, music and discussion, Floga’s meditation workshops aim to bring an atmosphere of calm, serenity and understanding, providing a welcome break.