Yoga For Digestion: Saturday 8th December

Location:  Manchester Yoga Central, Trafford Wharf Road, Stretford, M17 1AB

Do you suffer with bloating, stomach ache, constipation, IBS?  Do you often feel uncomfortable after eating and feel constantly frustrated by your digestive system?  Then this is the workshop for you!

I suffered with severe bloating and IBS for around 2 years.  I went from being able to eat anything, to finding myself in constant discomfort after eating what appeared to be a healthy and simple food choices.  This became so unbearable and frustrating that I started trying all sorts of methods to try and alleviate the symptoms in anyway I could and Yoga was one of the activities that helped me the most!

This workshop will look at the benefits of certain asana (postures), that can help to aid digestion.  We will begin with a 1.5hr yoga flow filled with lots of twists and stomach stretches, to experience the benefits firsthand.  These asana will then be broken down and discussed in relation to the digestive system, so it is possible to further understand why certain asana and techniques can help us when we feel any discomfort after eating.

Furthermore, you will be given a hand out demonstrating helpful yoga sequencing for digestion, as well as uselful tips, PLUS a little bag of treats!

Yoga for Digestion is open to any level and ability.  It is suitable for complete beginners who want to learn how to help their own symptoms; right up to experienced yoga teachers who want to understand how yoga specifically aids digestion.  Or just head along to move through a delightfully detoxing flow before the month of Christmas and indulgence begins!

I am really excited about this workshop, as it is something that has helped me so much over the past few years and I cannot wait to share what I have learnt with you all!

Drop me a message if you have any further questions at all or book your spot HERE!

Duration:  1pm – 3.30pm

Early Bird:  £25  **Ends October 31st**  

OR  Full Price:  £30

All equipment and materials will be provided.