Inner Strength Day Retreat: Saturday 8th September (10am – 4pm)

Venue: The Annexe, Woodstock, OX20 1QQ

As the sunny days draw to a close and autumn begins to set in, it is important to manifest strength and stability within ourselves so we are ready to hibernate and rest.

Finding physical strength is an easier goal then maintaining an unwavering strength form within and it is this which we aim to turn towards during this magical day retreat.  We will be embracing strong asana throughout the day, channelling our inner strength and endurance.  Yet we will also focus on that strength we all have within ourselves –  the power we hold, which helps us to push through the day to day trials and tribulations we each encounter.



Held in a beautiful countryside setting, just outside Woodstock, this venue is a stunning mini getaway.  The day will involve two sessions of asana practice, along with some meditation and delicious vegetarian lunch.

This day retreat hopes to leave you empowered and inspired with yourself – a feeling which we so often lose in times of strain but is within us all.

Price: £70 per adult  OR  £50 per student / young person

Contact for bookings and further details.



General Timetable

10am:  Arrival and Herbal Tea

10.30am:  Asana Practice

12.30pm:  Vegetarian Lunch

2pm:  Meditation

2.30pm:  Asana Practice

3.30pm:  Relaxation / Yoga Nidra