Backbend Workshop: 23rd June 2019

Venue: Hot Lotus, Stockport

Time:  Sunday 23rd June (2pm – 4pm)

This workshop aims to give you guidance on how to enter into backbends safely and confidently, using props to help deepen them further.  Backbends help improve spinal flexibility and health, in addition to helping postural alignment, especially if sit at a desk all day!  During these two hours we will explore how backbends can benefit the body both physically and emotionally, looking at the anatomical aspects, as well as the more spiritual benefits.  Within Yogic philosophy, the heart chakra is located within the chest and is responsible for a lot of our emotions.  Backbends can help balance the heart chakra, clearing it of any unwanted emotional baggage and in doing so, opening you up to giving and receiving love to yourself and others.

This 2 hour workshop is open to any level and ability and will follow a fluid and beautiful flow aimed at warming up the body and opening the chest and shoulders before we begin to break down and deepen a variety of backbends and heart openers.

Goodie bag is included in the price.


£20  Early Bird / Members

£25  Full Price

Tickets available here!