Earth Day Candlelit Yoga and Meditation: 22nd April (5pm – 7pm)


Venue:  The Annexe, Upper Campsfield Road, OX20 1QQ

As a tribute to the wonderful world which we inhabit, this special class held on ‘Earth Day’ will encourage us to reconnect with nature and provide a chance to ground ourselves firmly within it.  This venue, which is located just outside Woodstock, is nestled  in the secluded and beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

To show respect for the earth, this will be a candlelit session and therefore a chance to turn inwards and relax.  We will follow a very gentle and slow flow which will focus predominantly on the root chakra, ending in some nourishing yin yoga.  Mediation and affirmations will be encouraged and suggested.  Overall, this is will be a gentle and welcoming session which aims to leave you feeling reconnected with the natural world.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Price: £20 per person – £5 from each ticket will be donated to ‘Friends of the Earth’ 

Contact to book your spot now!