Retreats / Workshops

Saturday 17th February 2018:  Heart Over Head Workshop  (1pm – 4pm)

Manchester Yoga Central, M17 1AB

Come and join this Valentine’s Day special workshop, where we will focus on inversion practice and opening up the heart chakra.  As Valentine’s Day arrives on the 14th February, it is the perfect time to encourage our hearts to take charge and become receptive to love from ourselves, as well as others.  Expect lots of backbends and meditations on Anahata so you can move forward with an open mind and open heart.
This workshop aims to give people the confidence to move further into their backbends, as well as the courage to tackle inversions (so you can physically start placing the heart over the head!)  The workshop will start with some breath work and meditation before then moving through an invigorating flow, interlaced with breakdowns and tips for achieving deeper backbends and sturdy inversions.
There will be a small goodie bag for each attendee and light, healthy refreshments at the end of the session to leave you glowing and optimistic for the year ahead.
Any level is welcome.
Price:  £25 per person
Contact: for further details and booking


Sunday 18th March 2018:  Spring Renewal Workshop (1pm – 4pm)

The Annexe, Woodstock, OX20 1QQ

This short workshop is perfectly situated two days before the Spring Equinox and just after the arrival of the New Moon, and aims to help you clear out and prepare for the forthcoming summer months!

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth and that is exactly what this 2.5 hour workshops aims to encourage and discuss.  We will be focussing on a thorough spring clean of both the body and the mind.  Letting go of any unwanted anxiety and stress, as well as physically detoxing the body with a range of twists.  During the workshop we will think about intention setting, growth, and expansion; through a series of yin and yang poses, as well as some meditation.

There will be a light, vegetarian and seasonal meal served at the end of the class.

As always, this workshop is open to any age, level or ability.

Price:  £25 per person

Contact to book a place or to ask inquire about the event further


Sunday 22nd April 2018:  Earth Day: Candlelit Yoga and Meditation (5pm – 7pm)

The Annexe, Woodstock, OX20 1QQ

As a tribute to the wonderful world which we inhabit, this special class held on ‘Earth Day’ will encourage us to reconnect with nature and provide a chance to ground ourselves firmly within it.

To show respect for the earth, this will be a candlelit session and therefore a chance to turn inwards and relax.  We will follow a very gentle and slow flow which will focus predominantly on the root chakra, ending in some nourishing yin yoga.  Mediation and affirmations will be encouraged and suggested.  Overall, this is will be a gentle and welcoming session which aims to leave you feeling reconnected with the natural world.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Price: £20 per person – £5 from each ticket will be donated to ‘Friends of the Earth’ 

Contact to book your spot now!  


Saturday 2nd June 2018: Finding Joy Day Retreat (10am – 4pm)

The Annexe, Woodstock, OX20 1QQ

To kickstart those upcoming summer holidays, this day retreat will be all about finding joy!

Often we get so caught up in our To-Do Lists, ambitions, work life – the list goes on! That we forget to find the joy in things.  The same can be said for yoga.  People can sometimes forget that yoga is both a profound but also FUN practice and therefore this retreat will be certain to bring a lighthearted atmosphere, some smiles and a whole bucket load of JOY!

Held in a beautiful countryside setting, just outside Woodstock, this venue is a stunning mini getaway.  The day will involve two sessions of asana practice, along with some meditation and delicious vegetarian lunch. And if we are lucky and weather permits, we will try and venture outside for some of it! Come and join this playful and uplifting day to get positive and excited about summer!

Open and welcome to all levels and abilities!

Price: £70 per person  OR  £50 per student / young person

Contact: for bookings and further details.


Saturday 8th September 2018:  Inner Strength Day Retreat (10am – 4pm)

The Annexe, Woodstock, OX20 1QQ

As the sunny days draw to a close and autumn begins to set in, it is important to manifest strength and stability within ourselves so we are ready to hibernate and rest.

Finding physical strength is an easier goal then maintaining an unwavering strength form within and it is this which we aim to turn towards during this magical day retreat.  We will be embracing strong asana throughout the day, channelling our inner strength and endurance.  Yet we will also focus on that strength we all have within ourselves –  the power we hold, which helps us to push through the day to day trials and tribulations we each encounter.

Held in a beautiful countryside setting, just outside Woodstock, this venue is a stunning mini getaway.  The day will involve two sessions of asana practice, along with some meditation and delicious vegetarian lunch.

This day retreat hopes to leave you empowered and inspired with yourself – a feeling which we so often lose in times of strain but is within us all.

Price: £70 per adult  OR  £50 per student / young person

Contact for bookings and further details.