Fancy some self-love and relaxation this summer?  Want to bend your mind and your body?

This summer, Floga will be hosting 3, One-Day Yoga retreats in Oxfordshire, each set in a beautiful countryside location with delicious vegetarian food, herbal tea and lots and lots of yoga!  Our retreats aim to be affordable and accessible for people of any level and age, so take a look at the dates below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Saturday 17th June – ‘Open Your Heart’

This day will focus on opening up the chest and heart chakra ♥  The heart chakra is the location of love, warmth, compassion, and joy. It allows us to create bonds with others, bringing unity and wholeness into our lives.  At the beginning of summer, when people become more social and outgoing, it seems fitting that we focus on this healing heart centre and set off into summer filled with  compassion, self-love, generosity, kindness, and respect.heart chakraThis retreat takes place in a gorgeous converted barn, overlooking lush green fields in Hook Norton.  You will be welcomed with herbal tea and a lovely hour and a half yoga session to set us off nicely into the day.  A vegetarian lunch will be included, which, weather permitting, will be served out on a beautiful terrace.  Meditation and deep relaxation will fill the afternoon to leave you feeling restored and filled with love by the end of the day.  

‘Open Your Heart’ will run from 10am – 4pm.  Adults: £70  /  Concessions: £50

Wednesday 19th July –  ‘Here Comes the Sun’

The Manipura Chakra or Fire/Sun centre is often overlooked.  This chakra, however, is one of the most important for alignment and self-confidence.  This particular retreat will therefore focus on awakening and opening up this fiery chakra, encouraging us to balance our energy, strengthen our health and activate our digestive fire – in essence bringing vitality back into our body and lives. 

Summer is a highly invigorating time of the year, when everything is out in full force and beauty and so it is crucial that we bring ourselves up to that point as well.  By bringing out the fire and sun within us, we will release any pent up energy and draw positive Prana to ourselves and those surrounding us.  Another attractive feature of this is also the fact that alcohol consumption tends to increase during this time and so lots of twisting and movement will help regulate our digestive system, as well as clear out any unwanted toxins!Manipura symbol.png

This retreat will once again be hosted at a beautiful barn in Hook Norton, where a delicious vegetarian lunch will be provided.  A relatively rigorous asana practice will take place in the morning, followed by meditation and yoga nidra to finish the day off on a wonderful and re-energising note.

‘Here Comes the Sun’ will run from 10am – 4pm.  Adults: £70  /  Concessions: £50

Sunday 13th August – ‘Finding Balance’  –  SOLD OUT

Balance is something most people crave throughout their lives – whether this is at home, work or within themselves.  This final retreat of the series aims to look into the secret of finding balance within ourselves, through movement and the breath.    We will therefore spend time balancing the active and restorative aspects of yoga, as well as looking at tools such as meditation and breath work to help restore calm into our day to day lives.

Yoga is all about balance, whether standing on one leg or lying in shavasana.  ‘Finding Balance’ will be filled with balancing postures, inversions and gentle restorative movements, allowing us to find our playful and adventurous side but also encouraging our brain to switch off and our bodies to fully relax.  

find your balance

‘Finding Balance’ will take place in a gorgeous location just outside Woodstock and (weather depending) will take place outdoors, so we can reconnect with the world surrounding us – and hopefully catch some rays!  This particular retreat has limited spaces and so it is important to book early if you are interested!

‘Finding Blance’ will run from 10am – 4pm.  Adults: £70  /  Concessions: £50

As with everything we do, Floga welcomes and encourages all levels and abilities! Yoga is for anyone and can be adapted and modified to suit YOU, whoever you are. If you still feel at all anxious about anything, or feel a need to question us on something – please do!




Finally, just a note on our refunds policy. 

You are entitled to a full refund up until a month before the Retreat date, however, should you wish to cancel after that date, Floga will keep 25% of the total amount.  There will be no refund for those who give less than 48hours notice, in which case, Floga will keep the full payment.

In the case of a retreat being cancelled due to lack of numbers or unforeseen circumstances, customers will be fully refunded.