Nutrition in the Workplace

Why Nutrition?

At work we are often rushed off our feet and this can often result in dietary neglect. Quick sandwiches, sausage rolls, chocolate, coffee etc. – all of these things can become a frequent friend to the busy individual. However, these dietary changes and quick fixes are often damaging us physically and mentally in the long run.

Food can have a huge impact on our mood and therefore our productivity. It can make us feel sluggish, low and unfocussed or it can help us become engaged, productive and energetic. Nutrition is essential to both our physical and emotional wellbeing and when understood properly can assist with higher productivity in the workplace as well as a happier mindset.

What Do We Offer?

Floga offers workshops and talks for your workplace, discussing healthy and easy snack options, quick but nourishing lunches and delicious drinks filled with energy to help you get through the day. Floga discusses the pros and cons of diet, the traps we often fall into and provides packs and information for employees to keep for future reference.

Floga works with highly trained and qualified nutritional therapists, in order to deliver comprehensive but intuitive discussion on how to keep your workplace healthier, more positive and at the top of its game.

Floga tailors talks and workshops to the individual and company, ensuring everyone gains something from each session. Whether carnivore, veggie or vegan; Atkins, paleo or pescatarian – all diet types are taken into consideration.

What’s the Next Step?

If you are interested in one of our workshops or talks taking place within your workplace, please do get in touch and we will work out a plan to suit you. Prices begin at £35, and depend on group size and the length of the session.