Nutrition in Schools

Do you want your parents, students and staff to have a firm understanding of nutrition and their diets? Do you want your school to have a more positive and focussed atmosphere? Then Floga’s nutritional workshops and talks may be the thing for you!

Over the past few years, there has been a real increase in the quality of food in UK schools. However, numerous children bring in their own lunches and parents are often in charge of their diet. At Floga, we aim to encourage both children and adults to take charge of their wellbeing through food.

Nutrition Workshops

Nutrition for Kids

These are great fun and encourage children to really engage with and think about what they are eating. We ask them to research their own diets, before going on to taste-test new and healthy foods. During these workshops we learn about how food can improve our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Make Your Own Lunch!

During these workshops we get students to make their own lunch. They will be provided with a range of nutritious and delicious foods which they will get to learn about and sample before they go and make their own fun filled packed lunch.

Nutrition for the Family

Both parents and children benefit from this workshop as we explore healthy foods and how we can can ensure they are both tasty and enjoyable to prepare. This workshop can be practical, where children and parents take the time to make their own packed lunch together, or simply as a fun interactive hour, where we discuss and try different foods and look at how they can help us in our day-to-day lives.

Nutrition for Staff

Teachers work incredibly hard and often find themselves wolfing down a quick breakfast or lunch to get them through the day. However, teachers need their energy too, and having quick, tasty and nutrient filled meals can help your morale, productivity and even stress levels. These workshops are aimed at giving teachers the tools they need to keep themselves healthy and happy throughout the school year.


If you are interested in hosting one of our nutrition workshops at your school then please do get in touch for pricing and further details.