The Arts in the Community

A vast amount of people feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the art world.
Floga endeavours to change this.

Workshops held for all ages within the local community cover various artists and art movements. These workshops encourage discussion on the context of surrounding culture  in a fun and light hearted atmosphere.

Practical workshops are also available, giving people the opportunity to produce their own work and meet specialists within the various fields of the art world.

Workshops will be held throughout the month specific to each age group; children, families and adults.  Come along to any of these workshops to engage in art, its history and the numerous topics it links with.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Details of some of our workshops can be found below.

1:1 Sessions

Fancy a crash course in Art History thats fits in with your interests and workload?  Then why not book in for some 1:1 sessions which can take place in your own home or chosen study place.  Visit museums and see the works that interest you in the flesh and discover new and exciting facts and connections for each artist and piece.

Private Group Workshops

This is an opportunity to learn and explore the art world with a group of friends, colleagues or family.  These workshops are tailor-made to the groups age, taste and goals.  Whether you are keen to learn about modern and contemporary art, photography, architecture or curating, (or all of the above!) in a relaxed and interactive manner then this is the choice for you.

Kids Art History

Children are naturally imaginative and inventive but often this gets lost or forgotton somewhat in todays curriculum, heighten stress levels and computer screens.  The Arts provide a fantastic opportunity for children to engage in the culture surrounding them, in addition to encouraging them to engage with their creative side.  Kids Art History workshops take on a practical and light hearted approach to artists and art movements, giving them a chance to create some of their own work as well!

Drop In 

Art / Art History workshops held in local community centres or town halls are suitable for those who wish to learn a little more about artists, their practice and various art mediums and movements in a relaxed environment.  You do not need to have any previous knowledge or experience, just a willingness to get involved and learn about art!



Private classes require 48 hours notice for cancellation.  Less than 48 hours notice will result in Floga taking the full payment for the class. There is no refund for block bookings.