The Arts in Schools

Floga provides a variety of Art workshops for both primary and secondary schools, generating both a creative outlet and a new means of engaging with the school curriculum and current issues.

Tailor-made workshops are created to school specific requirements, ensuring everyone gets the most from each individual session. From single workshops to a series of tutorials, Floga endeavours to create a programme that is  completely unique to each school.

Politics, Religion, Philosophy, History, English, Sciences, Geography.  These are all subjects which are covered and considered within the Arts. Floga believes that the Arts can help children engage with the curriculum in a new and fun manner.  Learning invaluable skills along the way such as teamwork, critical analysis, verbal reasoning, budgeting and much more.  Through these workshops, Floga aims to inspire the creative and imaginative aspect of each student, encouraging them to develop new skills and explore the world around them in a new light.

Examples of some of the workshops we provide can be found below.


Curriculum Based Workshops

These workshops focus on a particular curriculum topic, whether that is History, Biology, Physics, Religion, English, Politics, Geography, Music, Psychology, Philosophy or Art!  By looking at these various subjects through the lens of art, it is possible to engage children with areas they may usually struggle with.  By looking at the theories, exhibitions, artists and artworks related to a specific topic, students are given an opportunity to explore the area further and see things in a new light.


Curating Workshop

Curating an exhibition involves numerous skills and expertise.  This series of workshops gets students to put various skills into practice.  Budgeting, analysis, team work, research and creativity all play a large part in these workshops.  By building their own theme, allocating jobs, and finding/producing their own artworks, the are able to watch their own ideas take shape.  The Curating Workshop series culminates in an exhibition opening and view, with professionals from the art world invited to visit and provide an exciting networking opportunity.


Art History Introduction

During school, very few pupils are aware or understand what art history is or encompasses – I certainly didn’t!  These tutorials provide a crash course in Art History and encourage students to develop their verbal reasoning, analytical and presentational skills, in addition to engaging them with different cultures and heritage, including their own.  After looking at certain movements or artists, students are given the opportunity to produce their own piece of work which draws on what they have learnt.


Meet the Artist!

The art world and creative industry encompasses a vast array of job opportunities but most are unaware of the variety on offer until they leave university.  These sessions give students an opportunity to hear about the different careers and paths available to them and ask any questions they have to a professional within that area.  These workshops bring in professionals who are just starting their career or are successfully moving forward in areas such as museums, galleries, architecture, research and education.  Practical activities are also provided, in which the pupils are taught new skills in the professionals relevant area.


Philosophy and the Arts

Philosophy is deeply ingrained in art history and art practice.  Presented as a series of workshops which look at the philosophical outlook of certain artists, artworks and movements and how they resonate with us today.  These theories and images will be discussed and applied to the students own lives, education and mindset.


Art and Yoga Therapy

Both Art and Yoga can have deeply healing and beneficial outcomes.  These workshops encourage students to explore themselves, providing an outlet for any underlying issues.  Through discussion and expression through their own artwork and Yoga practice, these workshops aim to create a safe environment for each individual student.


Please get in touch for further details and information on creating your own tailor-made workshops.



50% of the deposit will be returned for cancellations made a month in advance. Cancellations made less than a month in advance will receive no refund and Floga will retain the full deposit.