Definition:  Floga

The Greek definition of ‘Floga’ is Flame and signifies the passing of the torch.  This definition highlights Floga’s mission to pass on knowledge and education in a multitude of forms to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Floga is a small and independently run organisation which aims to promote the Arts and Yoga in education and the community.

The Arts, both theoretical and practical, are often overlooked as a subject but at Floga, we believe it is a topic which can help people of all ages engage with culture, history, politics, religion and numerous other areas. The Arts has the ability to develop critical, creative and mental thought processes simultaneously within its students, in addition to providing a means to express emotion and thought.

Yoga, as a practice, continues to build upon this foundation and encourages people to develop even further.  Whilst the Arts offer a place for expression of emotion outwards, Yoga gives the each student the time to turn and reflect inwards.  This, in turn, enables students to free themselves from the stresses of everyday life and open their minds to a deeply healing and innovative practice.

Floga combines the benefits of both Yoga and and the Arts, to assist in awakening people’s passion for personal growth, wellbeing and education, in a learning environment which is both fun and stimulating.

Floga offers a series of workshops and classes which revolve around the Arts and Yoga, designed for all ages.